The Intelligent Cloud: AI-as-a-service

The age where everything worked on in an office is stored on the computer itself has gone. Now cloud computing has taken over and is a part of modern software solutions for storing and sharing of documents and data. Accounting, collaboration and backing up of files are no longer a time consuming or complicated process.

While cloud computing looks like the new era of technology, there is more to it. Add Artificial Intelligence to it and that’s when everything is levelled up. Companies and business that can incorporate the Intelligent Cloud will stand out in the race.

Applying AI in business

Artificial Intelligence based systems is not new to the world. We are users of it through Siri, Cortana and Alexa. While these daily used products also use AI, applying AI in business is quite different from it.

It is no longer finding the number of purchases of a particular brand. Using AI can take it to the next level and analyze a customer’s buying behavior to predict what will be purchased next. This changes the entire business-consumer relationship. Managing big data is one of the biggest challenges in businesses and that is the reason for the increase in the incorporation of AI.

Leading companies in the world has not just become a part of an innovation by bringing in Intelligent Cloud but also has accelerated change in their businesses. For AI to work, it requires data from the present and past so that it can be analyzed to predict the future. This data will be provided by the cloud as all data gets stored in it. By fusing cloud and AI together, no outside catalyst is needed for the results.

Every major business will need to incorporate AI into their softwares as without it the company will be living in stone age while the rest of the companies move on to the future.

When the internet started becoming one of the places of purchase, we went in search of certain products according to our needs. However, currently, we no longer have needs and then purchase. Instead, we see the products on the pages we browse and then decide to buy it. This is because AI knows your buying behavior and hence is predicting what you will buy next.

Apart from helping with marketing, AI can also analyze problem areas and predict the next one which would help the company massively in running the business smoothly.


You no longer have the need of going from person to person taking a survey for data. Every move on the internet is documented and since we live on the internet, almost all our actions are documented. Which means, AI has an explosion of data it can work with.

While this seems good for the working of AI, there is also a matter of privacy attached to it. Companies like Amazon lets people secure their data. People has control over their data. Microsoft introduced cognitive services which let machines to read and learn emotions and even have the ability to reason.

All problems which require too much man power or maybe is not really practical can be solved with the use of AI in businesses. With the right use of incorporating AI into your business, you can improve your business strategies and processes. Even though it is not very clear which use of AI in businesses will lead to the complete success or being on top of the race, one thing is for sure; without inculcating AI or Intelligent Cloud into your business, you will not grow your business with time. With the risks involved in business due to the unpredictability of the market, if AI can predict the big changes and if you can plan in advance for the change, then you are already ahead of the rest of the world.