An Era of changing recruiting processes

Job Assignments and gamification

As the economy slows or improves, the employment rates fluctuate. Recruiters are active during the high growth period. In fact, in 2017, the economy has seen the increase in job openings and a decrease in the eligible candidates. This has given birth to rapid innovations in the recruitment processes.

Companies are looking for creative people. They are looking for values rather than just the skills. The plunge in the recruiting world shows that what recruiters want today is opposite of what they wanted in the 90s. They are recruiting people on the basis of assignments, not on the basis of full-time jobs. In the new world, the recruiters’ hiring process has undergone a total revamp. Hiring is as much fun as playing a game. The interviewer instead of asking regular questions plays a game with the prospective employ. This new concept has been coined gamification.

What are mobile employees?

It is a competitive world where recruitment process is being given high priority. The right employee for the right project is the slogan chanted by all the companies. The growth in artificial intelligence sector and the concept of mobile employees are two of the game changers in the sphere of recruiting. When we talk about the mobile employees, we mean an employee working for the company from a distance. Now, it depends on the employer whether they are comfortable with the employee being from anywhere in the world or they want a local from a nearby city. The distant employees are growing in numbers, giving birth to a pool of skilled employees working from the comfort of their homes willing to give their 100% to the job responsibilities.

Brainwaves by the recruiters

Not very satisfied with your recruitment process, you can follow the given below steps:Be clear: You cannot select a candidate successfully unless you are sure of what you want. Take help of your peers in the company, especially those who will be training the future employee.

Optimisation and its effectiveness

These ideas, if implemented correctly, will lead to making the recruitment process more systematic and optimised. You will have a clear picture of what you want from the person at this position. With the correct job description in mind, you will be in the position to analyse the prospective employee effectively.

The revolutionary RPO firm - Scalene Solutions

Scalene Solutions is at the forefront of optimising the entire recruitment procedure for its clients. This Recruitment Process Outsourcing or RPO firm follows the latest trends in the recruitment culture. Not only this, Scalene Solutions takes complete responsibility for all the involved recruitment processes. It is a firm of choice for many top companies who want to have a hassle-free experience of hiring the best employees for their companies.

The revolutionary recruitment trends, a plethora of ideas

This 21st-century process of RPO will leave the client absolutely free to take risks and invest in daring endeavours. Once assured of the fact that they will have the solid workforce to work with, the entrepreneurs can go forward and implement their crazy ideas and live their dream.

Near and dear future and what it holds?

The future of Recruitment processes with companies like Scalene Solutions seems bright and interesting. With remarkable innovations, these companies are revolutionising the way hiring occur.

RPOs – the future partners

In the near future, we can see the entire HR department and related processes undergoing a change where the companies like Scalene Solutions would be the sole proprietors of the full departments and will be like an extended branch of their client company.