What are the Biggest Road Bumps for Founders and CEOs?

In the 21st century, we have witnessed the most breakthrough to advances we thought were unattainable dreams until only a few decades ago. With the technological advances in the current century and the change from the traditional corporate structure to that of wall-less start-ups, the possibility of a new start-up seems endless. However, the fact that there is everything imaginable under the stars, serving millions and working at its best makes it seem all the more near impossible to find a novel idea for you to begin on your own.

Despite challenges like competition, finding oddity and novelty in your idea, capital, ensuring growth and profit and serving a market that quite cruelly waits for nothing, there still are too many successful entrepreneurial venture that have started from minimal if not nothing. The fact that there is a full functioning company like RPO agencies and Staffing firms out there for every service you require also means that with the right kind of help combined with recruiting personnel fit for your needs, you can be up as an example of how to run a start-up from scratch to success for anyone with a dream job hunt. HR requirements like staffing turn out to be one of the biggest deciding factors in your entrepreneurial journey. Here are some ways to maneuver your ideas in the right direction.

Hiring the Right Talents

Recruiting personnel who would specifically excel in your company can get very tricky. The catch is not just finding someone who has a lot of experience in the field of work you search for, but also to find someone who understands the company and its signature. Every company has their own style of working and finding someone who would be comfortable in following that style is crucial. Using social media and referrals for recruitment or staffing strategy is one of the best ways to find suitable personnel in this technological era. If the people working for a company or a start-up is comfortable with the style and needs of it, the output from them would be ideal. If the company approach has to be forced on the employees, the outcome would be job done for the sake of it. Other than the outcome, the advantage of having employees who are complacent with their workplace is that they tend to bring people who they think will work well for the company.

A company might provide benefits in the form of finance and other incentives, however, if that is the only technique used to defend attrition, there will always be another company that offers more to its employees. This is where job satisfaction becomes key. Job satisfaction is intangible and hence is a thread that holds together effort of the employee and company value.

Keeping the Team Motivated for Optimal Performance

It is human nature to be seen, acknowledged and recognized for the work they do. This becomes crucial when a team is involved in the work. Motivation and productivity go hand in hand. This directly proportional relationship becomes key in making sure that the result of a team work becomes optimal. Just acknowledging the outcome done by an entire team does not cut the work at all times. It becomes important to recognize every crucial work and growth in the project and trace which employee was responsible for each major upgrade starting from the birth of the idea to the execution of it and comment on their work.

Comparing salary and pay to praise just does not cut it. No employee looks at their salary as a pat on their back. Acknowledging the extra step taken by employees decide not just attrition but also the overall quality of the work produced by the company. If any employee goes out of their way or their routine to learn something new or help others, it is crucial that they be recognized for it by the hierarchy for them to be motivated to continue to do the same.

Motivation can be done in many ways. Finding a singular way to motivate the entire company might sound like an apt solution. However, the employees tend to identify that as a sake-of-doing-something kind of effortless gesture. What really does the job is personalizing each different way of motivating according to the employee that works for you. Just like how they know and understand the culture of the company, know how they work and behave to find an apt way to motivate them into bringing out ultimate, ideal results.

Management of Workplace Dynamics

One of the problems often faced by a start-up is stability. Stability in the different department of work is important to produce a uniform result. In a start-up, staffing can be very challenging. If the employees are chosen separately, without cross analyzing the different departments, even though every department in itself might look ideal, might turn out to be a disaster. When thinking about general staffing, it is important to realize that even though the work done in each department are very different from each other, at the end of the day, every work done will be combined under the one company name. This is where uniformity becomes vital.

One of the solutions to this problem can be recruiting personnel of different age groups within a single department. While the younger, more technologically advanced workers can teach the older person on optimizing work using the latest technologies, the older employees can impart their knowledge from their years of experience in the field. They will analyze the change in trend and evolution they witnessed and put that into practice for the best.

While recruiting people of different age groups, it is also important to make sure a hierarchy based on age is not formed. All the age groups should have an open mind into teaching and learning new things from their counterparts. Trusting each other irrespective of their ages will take a while but prove to be the best way of learning new and old methods, analyzing different take and practicing it to the best of needs. Hence, the dynamics in the work place has a lot to do with the final outcome in any company.

The Take

At the end of the day, recruitment of the right talent, motivation of the workforce, management of team dynamics and retention of the best talent are the challenges for startups. Out of these, staffing and recruitment turns out to be the most challenging one to achieve and the most critical for the success of any startup as it has a direct impact on the rest of the features.

Now that the current and the future start-ups are in the hands of the millennial generation, who are known for their competitive and impatient nature, choosing of workforce only becomes even more challenging. To ensure you have the right talent for your needs and culture of the company, it becomes vital to find a recruitment agency or a staffing firm who would evaluate your company form a third person objective view, without bias and hence be able to find the best workforce possible specifically for your company.