5 recruiting challenges in today’s economy

With new technologies coming into the market every day and the market fluctuating more than ever, job openings are also on the rise for newly created jobs, some even wall-less. This is good news for recruiters

Though there are vacancies, there are also thousands of students passing out of colleges every year making competition for these employment opportunities more than ever too. In a sea of fresh and experienced talent, it becomes very hard for recruiters to find the right fit for a position and the company. The following are the top 5 recruitment challenges faced by recruiters.

Filtering qualified candidates

With multiple vacancies and even more candidates readily applying to jobs they aren’t even qualified for, it because very time consuming and difficult for recruiters to find the best talent out of the sea. One way of filtering candidates is through the job description. Ask simple yes or no questions in the job description pertaining to the skills candidates should have if they want to apply. This will make sure that only the ones who are skilled for the job will apply.

Long hiring processes

A vacancy kept that way can cost a lot for a company the longer it is kept that way. Adding to the fact that it is time consuming to find the right candidates from a sea of people, there is also the problem of long hiring processes. Even is a company is in a hurry to fill a vacant position, they still are unable to do it because they have a very long interview process.

Other than loss from the lengthy interviews, good candidates are bound to get other offers which waiting for the response from your company. Once they get a good offer, they will not wait for all other responses. This will make you lose a good candidate and thereby start all over again in search of a good fit. Analyze your recruitment process and eliminate any steps that isn’t really required.

One-size-fits-all hiring processes

After the long process of finding candidates, interviewing them through multiple rounds, shortlisting and finally deciding who to hire, you send the offer letter, only to know that they do not want to work with you anymore. Now you can wonder what went wrong or you can go back to searching for the right person all over again and chances are you still will end up the same. This can be possibly because they had a very unpleasant hiring process.

This can be changed. Analyze your hiring methods and try to make it more personal and less formal or intimidating. The interviews are the first impression they get to a company they potentially are going to work with for a long time. Because of this, if the hiring process itself isn’t inviting and pleasant, they would not want to continue with your company. Find a hiring manager who have similarities with the candidate and let them take care of the interview process so that the candidate can feel more comfortable with the person they are answering to.

Unjust hiring

As long as it is human beings who are on the recruiting end, there is going to be some kind of bias. It is close to impossible to be neutral. When you hear or see something, unconsciously you would have made a judgement. However, when it comes to recruitment, it is immensely important to be able to make an objective decision or else it will be unfair to other candidates as well as affect the company name. Implement a blind CV screening process to avoid bias based on caste, sex, religion and more.

Out of date hiring methods

When you started the company, you would have figured out an ideal way to recruit employees. This would have been ideal then. Stressing on the word then, the market and technology around is rapidly changing and hence the hiring process should also be changed according to the trend. There are lots of technologies and innovations that can be of immense help in recruitment. Adapting to this will make sure you are in the game as well as provide you and the candidate with the best hiring process.

Using VR, artificial intelligence and whatnot, hiring process has become extremely innovative helping hiring managers make very informed decisions and giving candidates more challenges to prove their worth.