11 employee recognition ideas that won’t break the bank

No matter what the job is, even if you made your passion into your career, if you end up doing it every day, you will find it becoming monotonous. In such a scenario, there has to be something or the other motivating you to keep on working. One such important motivating factor is employee recognition. A word of praise from your manager or the authority acknowledging and recognizing the good work you did can be a driving force for you. It is important for employers to recognize this as this is an inexpensive way of creating a healthy and positive working environment for the employees.

However, most companies are not very good at employee recognition. Either they do not pay any attention to the achievements of employees or they end up doing something impersonal and meaningless to the employees like employee of the month bulletin boards and awards.

Instead, more personal and genuine recognition that creates an impact on the employees should be practice. The following are a few guaranteed to work best.

Say thanks

People usually feel that it is something that goes without saying. This is not true. A very simple thank you form the authority for the impressive work done by an employer can speak volumes.

Ask for help

Asking for advice is a much stronger appreciation than it looks like. A person will not randomly go to anyone for advice. Only the ones who have proved their worth and we know will provide with reliable data will be asked for advice. Asking for advice means you value their words.

Spread the success

Taking the previous option a step ahead, asking employees who have shown exceptional performance to be office consultants or the head of something shows that the management trusts them at a higher position because of their performance at work. It means to say that not only is their work good, but they can be trusted to spread it to other employees as well.

Social sharing

Publishing the good work of employees and recognizing them on social media is solid proof that a company is proud of its employees’ work. Obviously since what is put up on social media represents the entire organization, it is one of the highest praise.

Invest in learning

Invest in developing skills and growth of your employees. This is a way of taking care of your employees and help them in achieving their personal growth goals. Enroll them in online classes, conferences and other learning opportunities on the company’s expense. This will show that you care and also let them improve in the company’s time and expense.

Connect employees with upper management

With huge companies, employees often only interact with the authorities within their department or their immediate managers. This might be convenient, but the employees have the right to know the higher authorities and interact with the hierarchy. It helps them build connections and feel like they play an important role in the company.

Make it about more than work

Acknowledge out of work news and achievements of employee’s personal life. This does not mean that you go around digging into the personal life of employees. Whatever information they chose to make public from their personal life, enquire on it and comment to make them understand that the team is not entirely about office work. Show an interest into personal lives to make the workplace for casual and fun.

Don’t just recognize exceptions

While you can easily identify people who went out of their way to achieve something, do not forget about employees who are constantly doing a good job. Recognize the daily good work of employees to keep them motivated.

Give the gift of time

One way of recognizing and rewarding all at the same time is to reward them is extra break time or an early day off. This becomes reason for spontaneous and unexpected happiness.

Put yourself out there

When you have a lot of employees, you will probably choose to send recognitions to employees in the hands of a secretary. Sending a formal note through a random person does not yell genuine recognition. However, if you go to the employee in person and appreciate them for the work, it goes a long way. It adds a personal touch and feels more genuine.