How machines and technology usually work is with the command of a human and the system will do the work it is told to. However, with artificial intelligence, even the human element is removed as it can recognize audio and visuals, make decisions and translate language.

While there is a constant fear of all the human labor lost with artificial intelligence taking over jobs, there is also a positive aspect to it. AI will lead to an economic growth and while the traditional administrative jobs might be replaced, there will arise new opportunity for people to work on.

There will be a high demand for people with technical skills as there will be room for improvement and updation in the field of AI. The use of big data in everyday life and decisions will also be increased.

How will the recruitment sector be impacted?

There are millions of fresh talents dropped into the market every year, which means the number of candidates applying for a certain job will also be ridiculously high. Lack of time to go through all the applications and CV will no longer be a problem with AI.

Filtering & targeted searches

Very job will prioritize certain skills. However, not everyone who applies for the job will have those skills. Using AI, these CVs can be filtered to find which ones are eligible for the job. The filter is done based on experience, skills and qualifications. Now while this seems to reduce the burden of recruiters, they often miss out on good talent because of missing arbitrary terms on the resume.

Every advertisement that you see on the internet is targeted for you. It is no coincidence that the exact same product you were talking about with your friend has shown up on your Facebook or Instagram timeline. This is because AI uses big data from online conversations and purchases to determine what you are looking for. The same is applied for job seekers. Using their data, people who search for jobs receive notifications for the kind of jobs they searched for. This makes it easier to find applicants and potential candidates.

Pros of AI

Managing workload

Half the time-consuming work involved in recruitment can be easily taken care of with the help of AI. The burden on the shoulders of HR managers are majorly reduced. It usually takes weeks to go through all the CVs that has been sent for one position, this will be done within minutes and even filtered by AI.

If at all you find a candidate who you think is fit for the company, feed the social media pages of this candidate to AI and it can be analyzed to further understand the behavior of the candidate and how likely they are to take the job. It can also analyze the characters seen in the social media accounts of the current employees and use that as reference to find similar behavior in potential employees.

Shorten delays in responses

Recruiters have to write back to everyone with a positive or a negative news irrespective of the number of applicants. This can be very time consuming. With AI, responses can be immediate.

More inclusive?

It is close to impossible for a human being to stay neutral. The minute we see or hear something, an interpretation of it is already in our minds. Biases are very hard to avoid when a human is involved in the decision-making process. With AI, a neutral and objective decision based on facts alone can be taken. However, with AI, personality and character traits cannot be successfully judged.

Giving candidates the time, they deserve

Firstly, when a recruiter receives 100s of CVs and applications for a single job opening, it becomes close to impossible to give each candidate the time they deserve. With AI, the recruitment process will be fast and effective as only targeted candidates will be choosing for the job. Then the rest of the candidates can be given their time too.

Cons of AI


AI in itself and incorporating it into your company work can be an expensive procedure. Apart from incorporating it into your business, you will need to hire highly talented technical skills to work with AI, which becomes an added expense too. However, this cost can be reduced to an extend when AI replaced some of the human jobs. Eliminating human labor can save some expense which can be then used for AI.

Human element ?

Even with the use of AI, it is not like the entire recruitment process can be name human free. The recruitment process is highly depended on the human element. It needs emotional intelligence, empathy, understanding and good communicating and listening skills. AI hasn’t grown to that level just yet. A new job is a life changing decision and we are not yet comfortable to leave such a big life altering decision solely in the hands of technology.

Job losses

It is ironical that in order to get people into a company, we have to lose jobs first to incorporate AI in the recruitment department. While there are high rates of unemployment across the country, replacing human labor with technology can be even more worrisome and adding to the unemployment rate.