What makes a good IT recruitment consultant?

It goes without saying that a good IT recruitment consultant has to deliver the finest talent. However, there are some other factors which determine the worth of an IT recruitment consultant. Different companies and businesses might choose a recruitment consultant for different reasons. Regardless of these, the following factors is what makes an RPO stand out.

Willingness to spend time taking your brief

If, when you call an RPO agency or company, they immediately tell you don’t worry about it and end the call in 5 minutes, you can be sure that they aren’t as good as they promise to be. Every good RPO knows that each company is different in its own way and it takes time to understand and learn how each of them function and only according to that can the hiring process be done. They need to understand the company and its culture well in order to sell your company to candidates.

It is also partially your responsibility to tell an RPO agency or company every single detail there is to the hiring needs and process. No matter how good the recruiter is, they cannot read your minds to understand the not so obvious details. Tell it to them and make both your jobs easier.

They know their market inside out

Recruitment agencies, that specialize in a particular field should be your go-to people when it comes to hiring talent for intricate fields. This is because certain field of work requires deep knowledge about it and ability to identify experts from rookies. Your needs become properly met when you consult an expert in the field rather than a general RPO agency or company. This is beneficial not just to the employer but to the candidate also. The candidate’s time isn’t wasted by matching them to companies they don’t belong.

Emotional intelligence

Recruitment is all about people. A company when hiring will not have the time or apt ability to identify the lives of the candidates and figure out if they will fit in now or in the near future. Recruitment consultants need to have emotional intelligence to assess candidates on the company’s behalf, deal with issues that might come up during recruitment and be able to decide accordingly.

Same day return of calls and emails

Your recruitment consultant should understand the gravity and urgency of the process and hence should be able to inform and update you of the hiring process. If they keep dodging calls, it may be time you reconsider the organization. The RPO agency or company should have it mind that the recruitment is about you and not about them and hence prioritize the process.

Direct and honest communication

There are certain details of your company that you might not want to give away or what makes for awkward talks. However, it is crucial to know these details in order to conduct a good recruitment drive. Hence, get a consultant who does not hold back on those questions. They absolutely have to know them to bring fitting candidates into your company.

Professional Manner

When you hire an RPO agency or company to do your hiring work, the candidates they reach out to probably do not realize that they are not part of your company. They represent your company by default which makes it important to have someone who is professional in their recruitment process. If anything goes wrong, the recruitment consultant will not be blamed, your company gets the bad name.

Attention to detail

The email your respondent sends can say a lot about how they are. Their professionalism, seriousness and commitment to the whole process can be reflected through these emails. Once in a while if the email comes with grammar or spelling mistakes, don’t read into it. However, if you see a pattern emerging, you might want to reconsider your consultant. They are the ones who has to send details about the interview and the hiring to candidates so if they are not capable of sending a professional email to you, there is no guarantee that they will get even the time and place right of the interview when sending it to candidates. Like we mentioned, candidates do not know it is coming from an RPO agency and hence they will think the company is not professional enough.