6 Management advice for New C-level Executives

Being a C-level executive is anyone’s dream but the responsibilities that come with it is also unnerving. A bigger pay-check comes with even bigger responsibilities.

Every company is different in their own way and hence there is no rule book to follow to make sure success is inevitable. While the new post feels wonderful, it will be overwhelming to get used to the new work load. Here are some tips for you to ease into it.

Get enough sleep

Sleeping late or for just a couple hours have turned out to be a brag for some bizarre reason. Why being proud of ruining your mental health is beyond us. Lack of sleep has done nothing good to anyone. It not only makes you look like a zombie, but it also affects your ability to work for the bad.

Once you become a C-level executive, you are the role model and the person everyone should be looking up to. You set the tone and the culture of the company. Unless you want the rest of the employees to come to work almost brain dead, you have to set an example and arrive fresh and all energetic to work. Even though work load for you has increased from the new position, you need to rest your mind for at least six hours or else you might not have that position for long in your hands.

Be decisive

Decision making is an important part of being in charge. Any problem arises, people look up to you for a solution. You will have to make an n number of decisions in a day but even if they turn out to be wrong, make them. It is better to learn from mistakes than not take the risk at all. When making decisions, it is best to gather facts that will help in making them.

Find mentors you can trust

Just because you are at a top position does not mean you are all knowing or that you do not need any outside help in anything. Even the president of the country has someone beside him advising on the decisions he has to make. Hence, it is always smart to surround yourself with people you know you can rely on.

Just because you are at a top position does not mean you should suddenly also excel at all work thrown at you. People who have formerly become C-level executives are one of the best people to have by your side for advice. They will have experience dealing with most of the problems you face, and they will show you new perspectives.

It is important to keep in mind that you should not blindly listen to what they say and follow it to the dot. You should realize that what worked for them might not do the same in your situation due to various reasons, one being the constantly updating market and technologies. Hence find someone who will be able to point that out to you.

Be consistent in your interactions with others

Now that you are in a top position, there will be many working under you. Hence, it is important to create a flow in your daily work. Make a timetable of the number of meetings in a week and make sure you follow them. Since your work might be unpredictable, it is wise to keep a certain time for everything so that when employees need you, you can be there. Also, ask your employees what they expect from you as a manager so that you can deliver accordingly.

Be humble

It is natural to feel immensely happy to be posted as a C-level executive. However, it is also important not to cross the line from happy to proud. Always remember that you are nothing without your team. Unless and until your team delivers their best, you cannot deliver good either. Acknowledge others good work when you see them.

There is no need for over praising but just subtly letting them know that their work is being noticed and appreciated will go a long way. When they feel like the team needs each and everyone’s input for it to work, they will be motivated to work as well. You do not have to please them or get them to like you; all you have to do it acknowledge their good work.

Never stop learning

Once you are put up on the pedestal, you will have to go out of your ways and departments to learn about the them and their problems. This will let you have a better understanding about the company you work for as well as help you make more appropriate decisions.

While you look into other departments in your company, it is also important to look into your competition. Knowledge about the market and being updated about the same is immensely important as that is the only way you know when you change things or do something new to stay ahead of the race. Simply keeping the company alive is not success, growth is what counts.