Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) has three major takes to it. One of them is the management of activity or processes, the other is everything that comes under the functions of recruitment and the last is recruiters being stationed at client location.

Though there are three different aspects to RPO as conceived by people, ultimately it all boils down to outsourcing recruiting functions to an expert organization. This is done for the optimization of resources and ensuring timely delivery while there is an eye kept on the budget and the retaining cost.

With change being the only constant, and the emergence of unthinkable technological advances every day, recruitment for any company only gets harder by the day. Though there are an ever-rising number of students graduating from all kinds of niche subjects, there also somehow seems to be a shortage in the right kind of talent.

The solution to this can be found if you know the right way of finding your company’s perfect fit among the sea of talents. This is where we step in and offer the following services making Recruitment Process Outsourcing a piece of cake for you, while we on the other hand put all we have into finding you your company’s soulmate.

Activity owned delivery

Success based or End delivery

Recruiter on demand


Understanding where our client stands currently to where it wants to ultimately reach is priority. Only when we understand their process can we suggest ways to attain their goal or even take up the responsibility of ensuring their target is reached.

For any of this to happen, it is vital that we analyze every single activity in your company. Since we realize how hard this can get, we introduced a multiple metric based activity measuring tools that will allow us to do so and also improve the system through training, introduction of technology and customizing features according to your needs.

It all starts from the very expectation on the kind of resources required by studying what the actual market intelligence is and providing the best possible resources that can be attracted to the supply chain management (Sub vendors, internal recruitment, sourcing tools etc.), pre-screening and selection process, scheduling, offer process, back ground verification checks and on boarding.


We also willingly accept full responsibility of business requirements, having the kind of access to resources to attain what we promised without having to compromise on the quality of the resources. We also evaluate the end results to match with what was promised in the beginning or to check the company’s fit.

Leaving this to us not only ensures finding your perfect fit but also takes the burden of recruitment off of you. Trusting a company who gives their 100% and has top quality resources and the ability to find personnel exclusively for you only screams perfection.

Our entire process starts from analyzing the company and understanding the need for recruitment, but our job is not done the minute we provide you with the best recruits. More importantly, we also focus majorly on the resource planning, downsizing or increasing recruiters based on the company’s fluctuation.


Of course, us being a company that recruits talent, we ourselves have very committed, trained team that are instructed to deliver results with minimum expense and shorter turnaround time, all without having to compromise on quality.

The presence of such a team is why we have successfully been able to work with companies of different culture and requirements across a large demographic.

Our option of deploying recruiters according to the time period you require allows you to avoid unnecessary expenses and use our resources according to the ups and downs in your company.