No matter how niche your company services are, you will still have a large number of different departments working in achieving the goal. These departments will sometimes need employees who are in no way related to the service you provide of the product you sell. Hence, you might find yourself dribbling between multiple vendors related to the different recruitment needs of different departments. This has to come to a stop.

Our master vendor services have a solution to your problem of having to deal with multiple sources. Every single recruitment related activity in your company, irrespective of the department or tenure, will be handled by a single service provider making it extremely hassle free. Any recruitment related issues, needs or wants can be addressed to and by a single person and avoid having to run around to different people wasting money, energy and time.

Having a single point of contact even for invoices can help bring down the burden of going from supplier to supplier. Our master vendor service will make you feel like you only have one supplier when in reality we will be managing all of your suppliers under one roof.


Imagine having to coordinate with multiple people and keeping them up-to-date about all procedures in your company at all times. Now imagine the time, money and energy you will save if you just let somebody else take that burden. You will get more time because you won’t have to keep everyone informed separately. Since you just have to go to one person for any of your recruitment needs, you will save precious energy and focus that should go to achieving your goal. Even your expenses will be cut down to minimal as you won’t have to make a million calls and trips to get a single job done.

You will get a firm grip and control over all your vendors when they are all under a single roof.

The following are some of the advantages that you will derive from our Master Vendor Services.

• You will only have to contact a single person for any and all recruitment related matter.

• Management of employees and reducing liabilities would never get easier than when under us.

• Increased accountability in all supplier business partnerships

• As we will be handling all the invoicing, timesheet, remittance, and other administrative processes, you will save an immense about of time and cut expenses.

• We will manage all of your on-boarding, compliance, training, and off-boarding related matters.

• Our trained professionals and systematic order will handle having multiple vendors under one roof.

• Contingent worker staffing.

• Not just do we handle all your recruitment needs, we will also provide you with up-to-date reports about the procedures and outcomes.

• High volume discounts provide you with expense control.


Since we start by studying and understand your company and its culture in a detailed manner, we will analyze the posts that are open that is to be filled by permanent or temporary staff. By putting across your specific recruitment needs, we will attract the right fit for your company.

We make sure to use every possible way like advertising, networking, personal contacts and referrals to find you the right talent. From interviewing to doing background checks and finally getting them on-board with you company, we cover it all.

We will be the mediator for the client and the organization, making it easy for both parties to reach one another. We are obsessed with finding you an employee who is not just talented but also is specifically fit for your company. This is why we ensure that your company and everything tangible and intangible in it will be thoroughly studied all for the purpose of recruiting employees.