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ScaleneWorks believes that in the next 5-10 years, India will see a very strong growth in the service sector. Since India is moving towards becoming a services economy: talent acquisition, talent transformation and talent retention will become the next biggest challenge. ScaleneWorks is invested to bring path-breaking strategies and innovation to address all these issues that the current organizations will surely face. Please read on to find more on our Talent Acquisition solutions.

Pre Requisition Stage

Hiring is reactive and prone to delays as there is inadequate lead time provided to the Talent Acquisition team

Requisition Stage

Job descriptions are almost always unmeasurable and unstructured - leading to wrong sourcing and wasted efforts


Sourcing is resource intensive and unscientific


Poor screening is the main reason that contributes to all downstream candidate selection inefficiencies


Interviews are performed on a Rejection platform and are not structrued and scientific

Fitment & Offer Process

Fitment is gut-feel based and is unscientific causing offer rejections and internal pay parity issues

Post Offer Followup (POFU)

Last minute Offer rejects and leakage at Post-offer stage is a major issue


Onboarding is not a pleasant experience for the candidate


We bring our deep domain knowledge of how Talent Acquisition happens in corporates to help us do a quick benchmarking study, prepare a maturity map,identify the gaps, provide viable recommendations and stay back to implement all of them at our customer premises.


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Many of our current customers seek out ScaleneWorks’ expertise to recommend the right recruitment team structure for them and also engineer an outcomes-based commercial model around it.

Selvaserman Sermadurai

Sarath Babu Inbasagaran

Apsara M

Mudrika Bhardwaj

Geeta Sadashiv Dasaraddi