ScaleneWorks has been offering end to end Talent Acquisition services for multiple fortune 500 companies for over 10 years.


We are a leading service provider in the field, with a cost effective and efficient workforce. Our Contract staffing services is perfected by the discipline of customized service offerings. This helps organizations find the right candidate for the right job, with the experience of working with multiple industries. The Temporary staffing adds great benefits to the clients as the employee hired is on the payroll of ScaleneWorks and are managed using prime technological platforms.

Our platform based growth drivers

Our Services

RPO - HR / TA Process outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a boon to organizations that have a Hiring cost, quality-of-hire and a Time-to-hire challenge. We offer quick ramp-up teams to go after hiring challenges be it hiring of volume or hard-to-hire skills

  • Enterprise RPO
  • Task / Process RPO
  • Managed Sourcing

Placement and Staffing - Human side of business

We offer value-added staffing services to our global customers. This helps the organization increase prime focus and provides ease in operation for project wise ramp ups and downs in the workforce.

  • Permanent Staffing
  • Temporary Staffing
  • Technical staffing

Build Operate Transfer - Build a better business

We help our global customers to expand in India and offer all the localized services for them to succeed – be it HR, Hiring/Staffing solutions, Payroll support, Office space etc.

  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Incubating and Hand holding
  • Attain the goal of matured captive for clients

Hire, Train & Deploy - Digital Engineering Specialist

Maintaining an active pool of talent is one of the strategies that successful organizations employ. We support this strategy by offering services to hire, train and deploy talent in identified skill and domain areas to our customers

  • Build strategic & continuous supply of talent
  • Flexible and customized to the needs
  • Agnostic of skills, can be built for most skills

Scalene USP

Hyper TA Specialist

Focused strategy to acquire niche and hard to hire skills esp. In the emerging technology space like IoT, AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning etc.

TA Automation Specialist

Pioneer in using predictive, descriptive and actionable analytics in the realm of Talent Acquisition and HR process areas

Global Spread

Serving global customers in diverse industry segments on their mission-critical projects.

Some of our Unique Projects

ScaleneWorks delivers a comprehensive and scalable recruiting infrastructure for our clients. We bring in the required efficiency to your organization’s Talent Acquisition challenges

Onboarding Management

Aimed towards improving joining ratios and employee’s early engagement experience. We support 100% virtual onboarding in the most effortless manner.

Exit Management

Aimed towards understanding the reasons of employee exits and provide insights to control and reduce attrition in the organization.

POFU & Candidate Engagement

Predictive Analytics to enable renege predictability and joiner influencers. Detailed disposition protocols for multi-stage POFU touchpoints

Outsourcing & Offshoring

ScaleneWorks takes full accountability of deliverables be it enterprise-wide or a project-based outsourcing. Combined with this we can also offshore certain processes to leverage cost and time-to-deliver benefits

Shared Services

Our shared services specialize in use of Vendor on Premise (VOP), Vendor Management System (VMS) and task recruitment process outsourcing (t-RPO)