ScaleneWorks delivers a comprehensive and scalable recruiting infrastructure for our clients. The Organization provides an end to end facilitation process of a complete talent acquisition forte. The services offered targets the eternal problem of Right person for the Right job via the unique style of operation Scalene follows.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

A comprehensive package of all or most talent acquisition service taken over and delivered by ScaleneWorks on behalf of the client. Scalene designs, implement and executes a customized talent acquisition service based on the requirement of the client. The organization as an agency will hold complete accountability towards the clients on the talent acquisition front. The role of Scalene begins from the stage of workforce planning and JD deconstruction to onboarding of an employee to the organization with included efforts of employee engagement for the initial 3 months.

The Talent Acquisition process is a set of well-defined and discrete stages. The outsourcing of one or more of these tasks is Task RPO. Here, we provide both Process and Technology solutions for these discrete stages of the recruitment process. The process works with specialists who create work on clearly defined workflows that is expertised over the years. Scalene has created a tool (Pofu Pulse Lite) that has helped multiple clients understand and reduce talent acquisition effort and cost.

While Enterprise RPO is the outsourcing of company-wide talent acquisition process, Project RPO is a limited scope outsourcing model. It usually is a business Unit or location-specific or a project-specific talent acquisition outsourcing. Customers use this model to address recruitment goals during hard-to- fill situations like rapid organizational growth, new product launches, new location or a one-time expansion of a team.

Staffing Solutions

Scalene Works offers Contractual or temporary staffing services for businesses. We are leading service provider in the field serving clients pan India with cost effective and efficient workforce. Our Contract staffing services is being perfected by the discipline of customized service offered to find the right candidate for the right job and the experience of working with multiple industries. The Temporary staffing adds great befits to the clients as the employee hired is on the payroll of ScaleneWorks, who are managed with prime technological platforms.

Scalene offers a comprehensive package of Permanent staffing solution with a dedicated team, who screen and handpick candidates to perfectly fit a job. The cognitive astute filtering process helps makes the process error free and candidate a right fit for the clients. Scalene’s science of recruitment procedure approaches workforce requirement in the most comprehensive manner enabled with world class technology. We focus on providing customized solutioning for our clients understanding work culture, responsibility and company background.

Scalene takes care of the transition process whereby a candidate is hired through off-campus, where customized training content is created in conjunction with the client business, by industry practitioners and thereby candidates are deployed for mutually agreed time. The system not only offers the best fitted candidate for a job who is corporate ready, but provides him/her with the precise skillset for the organization in alignment with the work culture of an organization.

ZERO Capex

Real Time Customer Case Studies

Customer First Approach

Training by industry Experts

Strategic Workforce Optimization

ScaleneWorks as an IP led TA organization has always ensured its clients have the best workforce planning and talent optimization. We understand the need for Strategic Workforce Optimization as a service emerging in today’s world. We Study, Consult, and Guide all our clients on rightsizing their organization. Like our other offerings, a 100% customized solution aims at Counselling, Upskilling and Re-Establishing an employee’s purpose across all levels in an organization. The service provides dedicated career guidance and helps dear individuals of a company during arduous transitions.

RightSizing Consultation

Transformation Induction

Employee Counselling & Training

Workforce Transfer

Managed Service

ScaleneWorks has found that many corporate clients would look for a neutral, non-sourcing entity to represent a group of hand-picked Recruitment Partners and be the spokesperson and super-coordinators to both the client-side stakeholders as well as for the Recruitment Partner group. ScaleneWorks provide seamless access to cost-effective, qualified human resources, with partners acquired and ranked based on multiple indexes including, turnaround time (TAT), efficient recruitment, past performance, current workforce capacity, technological initiatives, etc.

Typically, the terminology explains itself, what Scalene Specializes in is HR process outsourcing. proving to be extremely beneficial for Start-Ups and New projects by huge establishments. When an organization is just starting to scale up. Is it possible for having an enabling team in place that is trained and experienced enough not to hamper, but contribute to the growth of the organization? On the contrary is it possible for a smooth and employee enriched growth without the same? Scalene provide an end to end solution by serving as your dedicated HR team that understands and supports the growth of your organization.